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S.C.Toth Inc. was founded in 1959 by Sam Toth under the name of "Toth's 3 Hour Laundry ". Even though the main focus was the laundry and dry cleaning business, schools began contacting us to see if we would consider cleaning and repairing their team uniforms.  The reconditioning of football helmets and shoulder pads soon followed.  As the need for replacement items under the schools' reconditioning budgets came into play, we began our venture into the sale of team uniforms and equipment.

In 1979, a retail store "Toth's Sports", was opened in Henrietta with the institutional cleaning business moving into the back half of the building. In 1987, the decision was made to concentrate solely on the team business, which led to the move from the Henrietta area to Victor, NY in 2001.

Our focus is on high schools, colleges, and clubs in Western and Central New York.  We have linked up with the very finest manufacturers in the country who stand behind their products.

We exist to serve people and to build relationships. There will never be a day when the dollar will get in the way of that goal.

Lanse Toth: Owner

It has been my privilege over the years to work with some great people; my dad, numerous athletic directors and coaches, and the people I work with in the present.  Everyone has a story and a destiny laid out for them. Throughout that time, the single thing that I have appreciated most about my job is that it has given me a way of helping and coming alongside some of these people that have crossed my path.

There has been no greater friend or helper for me than my wife, Amy.  We have six kids that love the Lord and like to spend most of their spare time with a soccer ball. The three older girls are married, and we have already been blessed with with five grandchildren.

Tim Beck: Sales Representative

Having grown up & now raising a family in the upstate NY area is truly a gift.  Many of us have heard the stories about poor weather and lack of sunshine but I don't think I could ask for better place than this to bring up a family.  My wife and 3 children have blessed me with many special memories as we travel this road called "life".  Work is a very important part of who I am but my faith and my family makes everything else seem relatively small in comparison.

I feel quite fortunate to have worked at Toth's Sports for over 20 years and still get excited about each day.  Every customer can choose to work with many people like myself who do what I do.  I consider it a privilege and an honor that customers have chosen to work with me.  As long as customers continue to value service and seeing examples of the products they are considering purchasing, I will enjoy being a road salesman.  Thanks for the privilege of being able to service your athletic needs.

Mark McAllister: Sales Representative

Following my graduation from SUNY-Geneseo in 1986, I immediately began working as a sales representative for Toth Sports. Over the past 20+ years I have enjoyed the opportunity to work alongside some of the best co-workers to help serve the needs of some of the nicest customers. Spending time learning about my customers athletic equipment and signage needs has always been interesting but getting to know our customers and suppliers as individuals has been even more rewarding. Learning about their families, their vacations, their wins and their losses is a reason to come to work.

As a high school soccer player at Clarence High School (NY Section 6) and the son of a high school coach of 31 years (Bob McAllister, Amherst High School), my dream, since I was a child, to stay involved in sports my whole life has been realized. My children, Tim and Katie played sports in high school and have, now, completed college.

As the specialist at Toth's Sports in the area of electronic scoreboards, timing systems and electronic displays, I would be honored to be your source of information.

Rusty Knight: Sales Representative  

I joined the Toth's Sports team as an outside sales representative in March of 2005. I mainly handle the western part of the state (i.e. Buffalo, north and south all the way to Rochester). I count it a privilege to call Toth's Sports my professional home, as Toth's Sports is a company built on core values such as integrity, honesty and trust.

Outside of work, I love spending time with my family and friends. Going home to my incredible wife Sarah and seeing the excited smile of my son Kingsley when I pull in the driveway is better than winning the lottery. How I spend my work days is obviously a large part of who I am, however, striving to be a good husband and father is where I desire to give the best of my energies. One of my favorite quotes is by Jim Elliot, a missionary who gave up his life when he was killed by the very people he was seeking to share Christ's love with..."He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose."

Adam Snyder: Sales Representative

John Carpenter:  Inside Sales and Support

Marty Ladd: Equipment Technician and Scoreboard Specialist

Dan Brubaker: Inside Sales and Support

From the time I was given the chance to be a member of the Toth's Sports Team in May of 2012, not a day has passed without feeling truly grateful to be a part of it.  In my role as Inside Sales and Support I have the privilege of serving both my teammates and our customers for every and any need.   I strive to be drop-everything-and-help person in the office for any need - big or small.

Amy Toth: Administrative Assistant

Scott Welch: Installation and Service Technician

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